Prevention and oral hygiene

We effectively prevent dental and periodontal diseases

Oral hygiene and dental prevention are a simple way to a healthy smile.

Prevention and oral hygiene include education in oral hygiene habits and methods of selecting oral hygiene products, regular checkups, as well as a set of simple procedures: tartar removal (scaling), sandblasting, fluoridation, and sealing.

What are the benefits of prevention and oral hygiene?

Thanks to dental prevention, you always keep the health of your teeth under control.

Greater resistance to caries

Preventive dental treatments fight bacteria, increase tooth resistance to caries, and help notice any cavities early.

Beautiful smile

Unaesthetic discolouration, deposits or tartar? With dental treatments, they can be effectively removed, leaving the surface of the teeth smooth and whitened.

Protection of gums

Preventive dental treatment such as scaling helps avoid gum recession and exposing the necks of the teeth.

For your healthy smile

Teeth show signs of aging much faster than sight or skin, so they should be given special care.

At Centrum Estetique, it begins with dental prevention. During a checkup, the dentist examines the condition of the teeth and gums to determine if the Patient needs any treatment. In our centres, preventive and oral hygiene procedures are performed by qualified and experienced certified dental hygienists, providing Patients with maximum comfort and safety. See what services we offer:


This procedure protects teeth against caries by sealing naturally occurring cavities and fissures with a liquid filler.

Tartar removal (scaling)

Mechanical removal of tartar, which affects the aesthetics of a smile and may conceal caries.

Teeth sandblasting

Removal of plaque and discolouration from the teeth with a sandblaster to improve the aesthetics of a smile.


It strengthens the teeth and protects them against caries. Fluoridation consists in the application of a product (e.g. a gel) with a high concentration of fluoride.

Our qualified dental hygienists

At Centrum Estetique, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.

Kamila Urbaniak

Dental hygienist

Monika Małek-Laszczyk

Dental hygienist

Natalia Czerniak

Coordinator of the team of dental assistants and hygienists

Price list

Fluoridationfrom PLN 150
SealingPLN 150
Oral hygiene visit (includes tartar removal using the ultrasound method, sandblasting, fluoridation and professional oral hygiene instruction; each treatment is performed by our certified dental hygienist)PLN 350
Oral hygiene visit in a series of oral hygiene treatmentsPLN 300
Teeth whitening (the most modern whitening system, providing the best results and maximum safety)from PLN 1400

We will take care of the health and appearance of your smile!

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