Pediatric dentistry

We treat teeth painlessly in children of all ages

Your child will be happy to come to us for the next visits,
and daily oral hygiene will become a pleasant habit.

Pediatric dentistry at Centrum Estetique is a specially designed process of introducing young Patients to the world of dental care. Our dentists will make sure their experiences in the dental chair are positive, and will treat them with care, humour and full awareness of any concerns they might have. We will show you that dental treatment does not have to be scary and stressful – neither for children, nor for their parents.

Little Patients come to us with a smile

See why:

Adaptation visit

An adaptation visit involves introducing the child to the dentist, the office and the dental chair. Instead of treatment, there is fun: the dentist will talk about the teeth, show the dental instruments and explain how they work.

Exceptional dentists

Pediatric dentists at Centrum Estetique are beloved by children due to their commitment, empathy, and a unique approach. They can dispel all fears and replace them with a smile.

Brave Patient Award

We strengthen the positive experiences of children in the dental chair with small gifts at the end of each visit. It is a form of reward, making children more willing to visit the dentist again.

The first visit doesn't have to be difficult

Many parents feel anxious about their child's first visit to the dentist and delay it for as long as possible.

However, this only increases the risk that treatment is required right away. It is worth planning the first visit even before there is an actual need for a dental procedure. This way, we can provide dental care with the help of appropriate preventive methods, giving the child the time to get used to the dentist’s office in a stress-free and painless way. We recommend that you bring your child for the first visit to the dentist at the age of about 2.

Preventing dental caries

Regular visits enable effective prevention and early detection of caries. This is important because caries spread from milk teeth to permanent teeth, which, although invisible, are already in the bone and have direct contact with the milk teeth.

Bite check and monitoring tooth development

During the visits, the dentist monitors the development of the child's bite and teeth on an ongoing basis. The dentist will check whether all teeth have developed properly and, if necessary, recommend appropriate orthodontic treatment. The sooner problems are discovered, the easier it is to correct them.

Our pediatric dentists

At Centrum Estetique, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.

Margareta Iwanowicz


Price list

Adaptation visit with dental examinationPLN 150
Fillings (we offer a large selection of colours; we use only safe, light-cured materials of the highest quality, for which we provide a guarantee) – fromform PLN 250
Removal of a milk toothform PLN 200

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