Dental surgery

Dental surgery procedures help Patients who require preparation for specialist treatment.

Dental surgery is necessary when the oral cavity or the surrounding area require more serious intervention and surgical treatment. It is used in resections and difficult extractions or during impant placement. Such procedures are always performed under local anaesthesia.

What does the surgical treatment look like?

At the Centrum Estetique, we prepare Patients for the treatment in 3 stages.

Detailed interview

During the interview, the dentist asks about the Patient's medical condition, health problems, and the purpose of the treatment. This is an introduction to a dental examination.

Dental examination

The dentist examines the oral cavity to assess the severity of the problem and gather the information necessary to plan treatment.

Treatment plan

Each procedure is preceded by the preparation of a detailed treatment plan, which the dentist presents to the Patient and then answers any questions or doubts.

Your comfort is our priority

At the Estetique Centre, each surgical intervention is performed by qualified medical professionals in a patient-friendly atmosphere, using modern 3D imaging technology.

It allows the dentist to obtain a three-dimensional image of the jaw bone and mandible, as well as all teeth and the maxillary sinus, in order to plan a detailed, predictable treatment.
See what treatments we provide:

Implant placement

Tooth extraction

Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth

Open or closed curettage

(mechanical removal of tartar, which is unaesthetic and may conceal caries)


(gum correction for further treatment)


Root tip resection

(removal of a tooth root fragment if it cannot be cleaned and filled during endodontic treatment)

Our dentists

At Centrum Estetique, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.

Adam Nowicki

MD, PhD, dentist

Kacper Lisiecki


Magdalena Kalata


Price list

Dental surgeon consultationPLN 250
Periodontal consultationPLN 300
Tooth extractionfrom PLN 350
Implant placement (We work with a reliable Dentium system and we only use premium class implants; we provide maximum comfort and safety)from PLN 3000

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