X-ray diagnostics

The foundation of effective treatment

X-ray diagnostics enables to find the cause of a dental problem and plan the right treatment.

X-ray diagnostics in dentistry consists in taking digital diagnostic images of the Patient’s oral cavity and facial bones. It is a non-invasive imaging test that takes a few minutes and is completely painless.

What are the benefits of X-ray?

X-ray is an effective way to make an accurate diagnosis.


X-ray enables the dentist to see the condition of the teeth and effectively diagnose the source of the dental problem.


X-ray examination is safely available to almost everyone, with some exceptions of pregnant women.

Non-invasive diagnostics

X-ray examination does not require any physical interference with the human body, and it only takes a few minutes.

Modern take on diagnostics

At Centrum Estetique, we use an innovative X-ray machine that enables full dental diagnostics with a reduced radiation dose compared to traditional X-ray.

Digital extraoral imaging system enables to take high-quality tomographic, pantomographic and periapical images, images of temporomandibular joints (TMJ), as well as images of maxillary sinuses. With the advanced 2D + feature, it is possible to perform thin-layer scans for “3D-like” examinations.

Tooth X-ray

This is the most popular type of X-ray imaging in dentistry. We use it in order to be able to carefully examine a given part of the dentition.

Panoramic X-ray

Comprehensive intraoral image of the entire dentition. It enables to assess the condition of the teeth and the correctness of their location in relation to each other.


Dental CT scans are often used in implantology, dental surgery, and endodontics. They enable to evaluate bone structures.

Price list

Panoramic X-ray (performed with a modern X-ray machine with a minimum dose of radiation, which is safe for health) PLN 120

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