We replace the missing teeth with implants

Enjoy full comfort of eating and a natural-looking smile even in 1 day thanks to advanced implantology.

Implantology is a field of dentistry between surgery and prosthodontics, which enables to replace missing teeth. With implant treatment, it is possible to permanently fill all visible gaps in dentition with natural-looking crowns on implants. Visually, it is almost impossible to tell them apart from real teeth.

What are the benefits of implant treatment?

An implant is a modern, durable and safe reconstruction of a lost tooth.

Aesthetics of a natural smile

Before the crown is made in the dental lab, the colour is selected individually to match the shade of the Patient's teeth. As a result, there is no visible difference between the implant and the rest of the teeth.

Increased comfort of eating

An implant with a crown allows the Patient to regain the functionality of a lost tooth. It restores the proper chewing mechanics, thus increasing the comfort of eating.

Prevention of deformations

Missing teeth affect the appearance of the entire face. If not replaced, they can lead to the atrophy of the jaw bones and cause the deformation of the face.

Implants in one day

At Centrum Estetique, we offer the possibility of replacing the missing teeth with implants, including immediate reconstruction with a bridge or denture.

This means you get a full, beautiful smile – instantly. After a thorough intraoral examination, a photographic protocol and a careful analysis of the radiological documentation, we can plan tooth extraction, implant surgery, and reconstruction with a temporary bridge in just one day.

High predictability of treatment

The digital technology available at Centrum Estetique provides high predictability of planning and treatment. The use of an intraoral scanner enables accurate visualisation of dentition and precise development of individual stages of the procedure.

Premium class implants

We only use premium class implants, which increase positive treatment effects (up to 98%). They are equivalents of natural teeth and will stay with you as long as you care for them properly. That is why we recommend regular checkups to Patients with implants.

Our implantologists

At Centrum Estetique, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.

Adam Nowicki

MD, PhD, dentist

Beautiful smile

A beautiful smile already 12 weeks after the implantation procedure

After the implantation procedure, it takes a minimum of 12 weeks for the implant to bond with the bone. Then, we insert a tooth-like prosthetic crown, which is responsible for the visual effect.

Price list

Implant consultationPLN 250
Implant placement (we work with a reliable Dentium system and we only use premium class implants to we provide maximum comfort and safety)from PLN 3000

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