Endodontic (root canal) treatment

We treat teeth at risk of loss

Endodontics allows to not only effectively treat, but also to save teeth from extraction, even in the case of serious complications.

Endodontic treatment consists in opening the tooth chamber and thoroughly removing the infected pulp, therefore it requires the dentist to be extremely precise and thorough. The filled root canal is protected against reinfection of the periapical tissues, and the entire process is carried out under local anaesthesia, which reduces discomfort during the procedure.

When is root canal treatment performed?

Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp is infected. The main causes of this problem are:

Untreated caries

manifested by deep cavities

Tooth abscesses or cysts

causing acute pain

Teeth injuries

such as fractures or dislocations

Root canal treatment at Centrum Estetique

During treatment, our endodontists use advanced technology in the form of modern microscopes, which enable dentists to see lesions invisible to the naked eye.

This way, we provide the Patient with maximum precision and effectiveness of treatment. The whole process is carried out under constant radiological control and with the help of a qualified assistant.

First symptoms

Pulpitis (pulp inflammation), which requires root canal treatment, is accompanied by recurring or persistent toothache.

Local anaesthesia

We perform the procedure under local anaesthesia to ensure the highest possible comfort of treatment.

Our dentists

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Aesthetic medicine

Price list

Verification of endodontic treatment possibilitiesPLN 280
Composite filling (all fillings are made by our experienced specialists; we use only safe, light-cured materials of the highest quality, for which we provide a guarantee)from PLN 280
Endodontic (root canal) treatment (each treatment is carried out by our experienced specialists with the help of a qualified assistant and using a microscope, under constant radiological control; we use the highest quality materials)from PLN 850
Panoramic X-ray (performed with a modern X-ray machine with a minimum dose of radiation, which is safe for health)PLN 120

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