About us

Your experts in modern dentistry

At Centrum Estetique, we give our Patients smile makeovers every day, always putting their health and satisfaction with treatment first.

In our clinics, you will receive comprehensive dental care. You can make an appointment with many specialists: dentists, pediatric dentists, surgeons, prosthetists, implantologists or orthodontists. All our dentists are constantly improving their competences by participating in many courses and conferences in Poland and around the world.

All specialists in one place

Centrum Estetique is a team of experts on the health and appearance of your smile

We offer comprehensive treatment

We offer comprehensive treatment of severe surgical, orthodontic, prosthetic and endodontic cases. We specialise in improving the aesthetics of a smile with the use of, among others, all-ceramic crowns and veneers. Our modern systems and the highest quality materials enable lightening of tooth enamel in a completely safe and effective way.

We will safely guide you through the entire makeover process

We will safely guide you through the entire makeover process: from an in-depth diagnosis, through modern, technologically advanced treatment, to checkups. We combine the knowledge and experience of specialists from various fields of dentistry to ensure optimal treatment results.

We provide a modern laboratory, an X-ray room and computed tomography

We provide a modern laboratory, an X-ray laboratory and computed tomography with instant digital imaging, both periapical and panoramic, with the radiation dose reduced to the safe minimum. We use the most modern technologies available to provide our Patients with the highest quality of services.


We pave the way for the development of digital dentistry in Poland

Centrum Estetique was founded in Polanica-Zdrój in 2013, by an exceptional dentist – Dr Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz. His goal was to create a place where Patients could receive comprehensive dental treatment based on modern digital solutions.

The experience gained over many years of dental practice and the following professional development allowed him to select the best professional staff. He has also equipped the Centre with top quality equipment that enables to provide specialised world-class services. As a result, ever since its inception, the clinic has been a symbol of modern dentistry.

Today, Centrum Estetique is not slowing down its development. We are open to new solutions, because we want to give our patients the best possible care. That is why we have decided to join the Dentity Group, combining its organisational potential with the medical competences of our Centre. We plan to open new clinics in Poland to give more Patients easy and comfortable access to digital dentistry services.