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Smile design is standard with us. Every day we use modern technological solutions to provide patients with the best treatment results.

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Under the guidance of Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz, a world-class expert in digital dentistry.

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Makeover with Flow Injection.

The Patient wanted to change the shape and colour of her teeth, especially the discoloured upper one after the root canal treatment. First, we whitened all teeth using the overlay method and covered the discoloured one with a special blocker to finally obtain harmonious shape and colour by covering all upper teeth with a composite, using the “Flow Injection” method, i.e. “bonding”.

Smile makeover - bonding with Flow Injection.

The Patient came to our clinic to improve the aesthetics of his smile in terms of shape and colour, and to restore the proper function of the teeth.
A digital design of new teeth was made and then the lower teeth were whitened, while composite restorations were made for all upper teeth – i.e. “bonding” using the “Flow Injection” method.

Digital makeover – trial veneers.

Based on the most modern technological solutions such as Computed Tomography, face scans, extraoral scans and software for digital smile design, we were able to present our Patient with simulations of her new smile. We used 3D printing to make our project real in the form of trial veneers that the Patient could try on without undergoing any invasive procedures.

Smile makeover – veneers.

This is what a digital makeover of a smile looks like using the latest computer-aided design methods. The trial veneers were placed in a completely non-invasive manner. Once the Patient accepted the new smile, it was possible to start making the final ceramic veneers.

Dr Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz

Meet the founder of the ESTETIQUE Centre for Implantology and Digital Dentistry

Dr Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz is a specialist in the field of digital dentistry and prosthodontics. He graduated from the Wrocław Medical University.

During his professional career, he intensively broadened his knowledge by participating in specialised courses and working in his parents’ dental office. Family traditions and many hours of practice allowed him to gain invaluable skills, especially in the field of prosthodontics. This experience later turned out to be crucial in solving difficult clinical cases.

Following the 50 year old family tradition, Dr Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz founded the Estetique Digital Dentistry and Implantology Centre in Polanica-Zdrój in 2013, where patients come from all over Poland and Europe.

Thanks to the completed courses and trainings, Dr Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz is a lecturer and consultant for many companies: Tokuyama, Carestream Dental, Harvard Dental, Lasotronix, and Cerkamed. He is the author of, among others, innovative, digital work techniques, methods of taking impressions (DiaC-Traction), digital smile design with SDP or minimally invasive smile makeover methods.

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